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Friday, 12 June 2009

BIZEX-B - "VI LEVER!" (LP '82)

Killer record here!!
Swedish 70's and 80's punk-rock bands are top class shit!!

The band was formed in 1980 and are still kicking nowadays after changes in the band's members.

-Antligen...Bizex-B (self released 6 track tape '81)
-Vi Lever! (self released LP '82 and reissued by "Sound Of The 80's" in 2000)
-En Valdtakt I Vinyl (self released LP '83)
-Tillbaka Med En Small (the band's comeback LP 2007)

...and they are working in a new album.



Punk Business Manager said...

Nice blog! This blog called Down Underground posted the Bizex-b cassette from 1981:


I am Zluggo Pop, the former front man and lead singer of Bizex-B.
We completed the recording of "Tillbaka med en smäll" in October, 2006 and the CD can now be purchased from our guitar player (I guess...) and maybe in some obscure record dealer shops, like Petter & Lottas in Gävle.
The CD:s "Vi Lever!" and "En våldtäkt i vinyl" are available from and CDON.COM.