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Sunday, 7 June 2009


Saturday night and I'm too tired to write, so, in a few words: Top Italian punk/oi band formed in 79.
Its hard to pick my favourite record, all of them are great shit.The only reason that I decided to post about it is just because it started to play in my Itunes right now...hehehe...You wonder why the fuck I'm listening it on mp3? Cause I'm too fucking lazy tonight and I don't have the record YET!!
Cya guys in the next post.



isa said...

ae ameba,

foda esse ep do nabat, posta mais punk/oi itália!
gostei do blog.

Anonymous said...

If someone is interested, I've got Nabat "Scenderemo nelle strade" 7", Nabat "Un altro giorno di gloria" LP for sale and many other Punk/Hardcore/Oi! vinyls, originals and reissues, new and used. All come from my private collection. Write to