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Thursday, 11 June 2009


This one is special and bring good memories! Back in the day when I put my hands on a tape (Basf 60 min) with this album on it, my reaction was to hear the bloody thing over and over. Bear in mind that there was no internet, mp3 or things like that in the 80's, we used to tape and share via postal service and that was fun too!
A dark and raw kinda hardcore/punk. Perfect soundtrack for the apocalypse.The beggining of "SOS" still gives me the chills."Vakuum" and "1981" are my favourites.
German band released by the legendary label Aggressive Rock Productions in 1983.
A true classic!!



Marcos said...

Vrige mano. Lembro que eu tinha este CD aí numa BASF cor de bosta também. Em 96 a porra da fita quebrou e eu paguei 50 doletas pelo importado. Aliás, eu te passei umas coletâneas de punk/hc alemão? Uns 9 CD's?

Harris said...

this band is ex-porno patrol (i think). porno patrol had a song on the PEACE comp too.

Grobi wan Kenobi said...

@ harris: toxoplasma came from a town in the Rhineland, western germany whereas porno patrol were from west berlin. they might have known each other but not more. one guy of porno patrol, dave pollack, has a label, destiny records and a tourbooking agency. in the 80's he released heaps of punk and hardcore bands, actually he still does.
but yeah, this album is one of my favourite records ever. i love that special sound created by harris johns in the music lab studio, berlin. that is german 80's punk sound for me. every time the snare drum hits it is a punch in your face in bud spencer style.